Cannot record guitar using Behringer UM2

I have a new Behringer UM2 that I know works. I have used it with other mixing\recording software.
I am pretty computer and tech literate.
I cannot get Audicity to pickup the guitar for the life of me.
It should not be rocket science.
Please help.
Thanks in advance.

I just now couldn’t make it work, either. I know there’s something about sound management between Stereo and Mono.

The microphone works jim-dandy, but not the instrument.

You can close Audacity.

In Windows. Right click the speaker lower right > Recording devices.

One USB device should flash if you plug the microphone in and tap or scratch on it (Do Not blow into a microphone.)

The same thing should happen if you play a chord or touch the tip of the guitar cable. The UM2 lights should flash on the front panel, right?

I know there’s something magic about this and I think it’s different between Windows and Mac. I didn’t have any trouble getting the instrument to work on a Mac.

I need to drop out for a while.

Someone else may drop in.


If you are plugged into “input 2”, then you will need to set Audacity to record “2 channels (stereo)” so that it records both input channels from the UM2 (recording mono will only record input 1.)

After recording, select “Split Stereo to Mono” from the track dropdown menu, and delete the unused track (

That’s what I always used to think and that’s how it works on a Mac. On Win7, however: Nope. Nada. Zilch.

I can’t get the guitar to appear at all. Worse yet, Google assures me this is no problem, just install ASIO and you’re good to go.


There is a Secret Oral Teachings of a Windows driver that works instead of ASIO.



These are links for Behringer drivers I got from a YouTube tutorial. This is as far as I got.

The video description calls out the 32-bit and 64-bit drivers, apparently not ASIO. Enough people had troubles with the ASIO software Behringer wrote purpose-built software.

I’m doing this on a Mac, so it’s whoever gets there first.


Look in the Windows Sound Control Panel and ensure the device is set to record 2 channels.

I’ll try that shortly. I found a supplier of anthracite and the steam should be up in a bit.


That worked. I shot a sound test with a naked RCA cable on the right featuring my thumb, and me on the left. It’s heavily cut to get it under ten seconds.

I’ll post again with details.

Real life calls.


Obsessive Details

Windows 7 mounts a Behringer UM2 for dual channel: Microphone and Guitar.

Plug the UM2 in and make sure the Power light on the front comes on.

Right click the Windows Speaker icon > Recording devices. Find the right one. I don’t know any handy spells other than it’s going to mount as USB Audio CODEC.

Select it > Properties > Advanced: Default Format Dropdown: 2-Channel, 6-bit, 44100. > Apply > OK.

Launch or Relaunch Audacity to reset its internal device count.

Microphone setting in the menu bars: Microphone (USB Audio CODEC), 2 (Stereo) Input Channels.

Click the Audacity recording meters to start monitoring (without actually going into record). Tap, scratch or speak into the microphone (Never Blow) and the sound meters should jump.

If you set up for dual channel, your voice will be on the Left and the guitar on the Right. It’s the only way to record guitar.

Set normal speaking voice so the meter peaks go up to about -6dB to -10dB.


kozikowski your tip is exactly the solution at the problem, at least for me. Thank you so much!