Cannot record from Casettes


I am trying to convert my old audio cassettes into MP3. I have windows 10 and using HP all-in-one pavilion PC. It has only one entrance for microphone/ headset .
I also use a cassette player and connect it to my pc with a cable (both sides male ending).

Trouble is, when I attempt to play the cassette and press the record button at audacity it records only the external sound, like the noise in the room, not the cassette. Obviously it does not recognize my microphone connection as input.

I was wondering what would be any possible problem here.


Forget the combo in/out connection on the computer. You need a special TRRS connector to use it as an input and it’s a microphone input to amplify weak signals, not suitable for a strong signal from a cassette player. Also it is probably mono.

Here are some USB interfaces that give you a proper stereo line-in:

By the way, you always have to choose the correct recording device to record from in Audacity’s Device Toolbar. This will be true if you buy a USB interface, in which case you select the USB interface as recording device.


Thanks Gale, I’ll try and see how it goes.