Cannot record from a Sibelius score

Hi, I have been using Sibelius Ulimate and Windows 7 to record scores for years but since changing keyboards (Yamaha CLP 411 or 685) Audacity doesn’t recognize the sound input. The Input slider is in grey and the message reads ‘cannot control volume: use system mixer.’ Funny thing is that Audacity inports audiofiles which can be edited - but files from scores on these keyboards aren’t recognized as they have been before. Please help! Thanks

Note that most keyboards have USB MIDI output, but Audacity does not recognize USB MIDI. Generally, you will need to connect the audio output from the keyboard through an external audio USB converter. In a few rare cases, there are special configurations to allow the keyboard to output audio via USB - consult your keyboard owners manual.

Yes, thanks. There is a Roland midi interface ‘Um-One’. It’s all been working fine… but now not!

Yes - so this interface converts MIDI MIDI to USB MIDI. That doesn’t help. Audacity never understood either MIDI MIDI or USB MIDI - or any other kind of MIDI. If you can’t play it through your headphones, Audacity can’t hear it!

Again you need an external audio USB converter such as DIGITNOW or Behringer UCA 222, and you would plug this into your speaker output from the keyboard NOT into your MIDI port -which are totally useless for Audacity.

Thanks, but I’ve been recording happily with the UM for years - no problem. I need to adjust the Audacity settings which seem to have changed when I changed keyboards. I believe the microphone may be on, I have to turn this off… but how to?!

I have nothing further to add at this time. Perhaps someone else has some ideas.

Thanks for trying to help!

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