cannot record directly on surface pro 2 system [SOLVED]

Audacity 2.0.1 for
windows 8.1
Microsoft Surface Pro 2

I am trying to record sound streamed from a web-site.

I am unable to record any sound unless the web-site sound plays over the speakers and is picked up by the microphone.

I want to be able to directly record the sound. If I turn off the microphone using control panel no sound is recorded.

I am able to do this on my desktop systems running xp and 7 using audacity 2.0.1 but have no success with the surface pro 2.

any assistance will be greatefully appreciated.

Have you tried using WASAPI as described here in the manual:

Bingo!!! Right on the money. Even though the link given did not correctly name the options on the devices and input boxes I was successful with my first try. Thank you for your kind and quick response.

Sam (Jim)

It can’t possibly do that, given the variety of device names :wink: Glad you can record now.

And I strongly recommend updating to the latest Audacity 2.0.5: .