Cannot record audio from computer and interface simultaneously

I do a podcast where I interact with recorded material from the internet (other podcasts, YouTube vids, etc.) With earlier versions of Audacity, I was able to record audio playing on my computer, pause it, and seamlessly interact with the content via my interface setup. Now it seems I have to switch back and forth between the “loopback” setting (to record audio coming from the computer) and the “MME” to record my voice/ commentary through my audio interface setup. Additionally, I do interviews via Skype that I used to be able to record straight into Audacity. Now that can only be done if I use Skype on my smart phone running through my interface.

Is there a setting I’m missing to do this? Any help is greatly appreciated!

The change is most likely due to changes in Windows.

Does your Windows sound system have an option to record “Stereo Mix” or “What U Hear”? If it does, then try recording from that. If it doesn’t, then I doubt that you will be able to do what you want.

Is this issue solved?
I have same problem and can’t find any solution.

Please describe the exact problem that you are having.
I presume that the problem was solved for the original poster as they have not written back.