Cannot record 2nd track when overdub is on


I am a new user of audacity and I am trying to figure out how to record 2 tracks at once. Unfortunately, whenever I have overdub selected, I cannot record a second track; my first track always records fine but the second simply gets stuck at the gate–it’s like it is recording for a millisecond and it leaves a mark in the area where the sound wave thingy should be but nothing more than that.

I have looked at other posts with problems similar to mine, and I suspect my problem to be something to do with the project rate: I have my project rate in Audacity set to 44.1k as well as on my recording device, but on my playback device it defaults to 48k. When I try to switch it it does switch, but then when I record in Audacity the same thing happens, so I go back to check the playback device settings and it’s reverted back to 48k!

Does anyone know how to stop this from happening, or have other ideas as to what might be wrong?

I have unchecked the box that says “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device” in the playback device’s advanced settings, but that has not remedied the issue.

I have to leave right this second, but my first pass suggestion is Audacity will not record from two different things at the same time. Further, it will only record from some multi-channel systems and there is a list.



the second simply gets stuck at the gate

In overdubbing, Audacity is required to establish a return pathway to your headphones in addition to recording the fresh performance. So it has to play and record at the same time. That’s almost always the problem when recording stops dead For No Apparent Reason.

In Overdubbing, Audacity will play a backing or sync track to your headphones (usually the top track) at the exact same time it’s recording your new performance (the second track). So all of those have to be at matching sample rates and conditions.

There are different levels of overdubbing, but the top one is Perfect Overdubbing, where you hear a theatrically perfect mix of old and new in your headphones during the performance. There are some stiff requirements for that, but it does work.

That’s different from your first question. Audacity will still not record from two different devices or sources at once. Overdubbing means you put down a backing track first, stop, rewind, and put down a second track listening to the first track as a guide.


Thank you for the reply! I think I figured it out by reinstalling some drivers.