Cannot locate libmp3lame.dylib


I am on a Mac - Yosemite.

I followed the instructions per the webpage here:

I got all the way down to:

  1. The “Where is libmp3lame.dylib?” window will open at /usr/local/lib/audacity; select “libmp3lame.dylib”, click “Open” then “OK” and “OK”.

I have audacity installed, but when I go into user/local in the libraries folder, there is no “Audacity” folder …

Any ideas?

Did you install Audacity? The Mac Audacity comes with an installer now, but it didn’t used to and people would try to run Audacity from inside the Disk Image (DMG) and get all sorts of crazy conditions and problems. Did you get the attached graphic when you installed Audacity?

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 16.55.36.png