Cannot interact with Audacity using screen reader NVDA

Audacity version:
3.1.3 64bit
OS version:
Windows 10 21h1
NVDA version that I am using, where NVDA is a screen reader on Windows:

The following problems are found in audacity-win-3.1.3-64bit zip version and installer version

  1. run audacity.exe the first time after installing or extracting the zip file

  2. After the Welcome to Audacity window is pop up, I cannot interact with the application by pressing Tab key

  3. Even if I can escape the above welcome window, I cannot interact with Audacity after the welcome window is closed

  • What do I mean by cannot interact with Audacity, the screen reader that I am using is NVDA, but after pressing key like alt, alt + f, alt + h, etc NVDA does not say anything.
  • this problem still exist after restarting the Windows or closing audacity and starting it again
    The above problem does not occur when I was still using audacity 2.x version last year.

I have also consulted other blind person on the audacity4blind mailing list and seemed no possible solution for this, so please help to look into this issue, thanks.

Regarding the problems that I have mentioned above, those installer and zip were downloaded from then click the link Download Audacity for Windows, Mac or Linux, which I download the installer and zip there.
Later today, a blind person send me another link, which is based on the github page, and after I have downloaded this zip file from github, the above problems does not exist in this github version of portable audacity.

I’m told that Audacity 3.1.3 works pretty well with NVDA, but as I don’t use NVDA this is not something that I know much about.
There is a mailing list for blind Audacity users (called “Audacity4Blind”) which is a great place for blind users to get help from Audacity users that are experts with NVDA and JAWS. Details for accessing the Audacity4blind mailing list are here:

Yes, if you have read my post carefuly, I have already mentioned that I have already consulted members of the audacity4blind mailing list.
But here is the problem, why the portable version that I have downloaded from the website is not accessible, but the one downloaded from the github page is accessible?

“Audacity 3.1.3 64 bit zip” from has a SHA256 Checksum:

“” from also has the same SHA256 Checksum.

That means that these two ZIP files are identical.

Perhaps you installed them differently, or the non-accessible version did not download correctly, or you didn’t download the version that you thought you downloaded, or something else, but the actual files are the same.

Note that the full download link to this file is:

which is the same as the download link on GitHub:

In other words, both links point to the exact same file.

My guess is that your first download did not complete correctly, and simply downloading the file again fixed the problem.

I see, thanks for your explanation.
The first round of zip is downloaded from

But that is strange, before I open the zip, Isee that Brave had notified that the download has completed.
Anyway, as the githup version is working now, so many thanks for your help.

I’ve checked that on and it also has the same SHA-256, meaning that it is identical to the GitHub version.

Audacity publishes the SHA-256 checksums for current versions near the bottom of this page:

@SuperSilly - what @steve said is correct. We do not alter the file signatures in any way, shape, or form. These are identical to those uploaded on our platform by the Audacity team and therefore identical to those uploaded on GitHub. Furthermore, you can quickly grab the file signatures from the FossHub page by simply clicking on the “Signature” link. You will see MD5, SHA1, SHA256 and even PGP if the team member wishes to provide them (e.g. qBittorrent project does this).