Cannot install LAME library

Hi I went through the instructions to install LAME on Win10, something is wrong, I download the executable Lame_v3.99.3_for_Windows and ran it and it creates 5 files in x86 directory, “LAME FOR AUDACITY” including one called LAME.EXE ?? what is this? no DLL FILE AVFORMAT-55.DLL FILES WAS CREATED, clicking on lame.exe does nothing why are the libraries NOT installing?

LAME is now built-into Audacity so you don’t need to install it.


That’s not LAME, that’s FFmpeg (which is an optional install).

LAME is used only for exporting as MP3.

FFmpeg is used for importing/exporting many other formats.

****My fault I was not paying attention here to correct installer. Installed it now exporting mp3 works good.