Cannot Import .M4a or install FFmpeg

Greetings, I have downloaded Audacity 2.3.2 and moved the Audacity folder to the applications. I’ve started Audacity and now wish to import a .m4a file. I go to “file” “import” “audio” and select the .m4a file to import and click “open.” I get the error message "To use FFmpeg, go to Preferences>Libraries to download or locate the FFmpeg libraries.

When I go to Preferences>Libraries I see “FFmpeg library not found” and it gives me the choice to “locate” or “Download.” When I click on “Download” it simply takes me to my browser. It does not open a new page, it only takes me to the page I am currently on.

How do I download FFmpeg so that I can import a .m4a file?

Scroll down to plugins.