Cannot Hear My Voice Through Yeti Mic After Update

I recently updated from 3.1.3 to 3.3.3. I’d been holding off because 3.1.3 was the last version in which I could hear my voice through the headphones plugged into the Yeti microphone while recording. After 3.1.3, when I start recording everything is fine for a second, then it stops playing sound through the headphones while recording. It also stops playing any sound from Audacity…I can’t even hear the playback from the current recording. If I open a previously recorded file, I can hear the playback, but still can’t hear my voice through the microphone/headphone connection if I try to record another track or add to the same track. I can still hear sound from other applications through the headphones plugged into the Yeti (ie. Youtube, system sounds, etc).

I didn’t change any settings when I upgraded to 3.3.3. The Yeti Microphone is set for mic and playback. I’m not running passthrough. The only change was upgrading to 3.3.3 (and any version after 3.1.3. I rolled back (reinstalled 3.1.3) and everything is working fine, again. I’d done this in the past with upgrades between 3.1.3 and 3.3.3.

I’ve searched the forum and Google and can’t find a solution. Any idea how to fix the problem in the newer versions? TIA!

Edit: I’m on a Macbook Pro with the Ventura OS and an Intel i7 processor. All system and app software is up to date.

I’m 99% sure the Yeti allows “direct monitoring” where the monitoring doesn’t go through the computer. You should only need USB power. The Yeti’s user manual. There might be a knob to adjust the blend of the microphone audio and a backing track. Or may it’s done through a special Yeti utility application.

That’s accurate. Unfortunately, it doesn’t correct the problem. The only way I’ve found to correct it so far is by rolling back to 3.1.3.

I’ve noticed this problem discussed in the past, but I can’t find a resolution. The closest I’ve seen is someone who got the sound to play through the headphones plugged into the Yeti during playback. That person could not get her voice to come through the headphones during recording, so they recorded with one headphone off their ear.

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