Cannot get Audacity to record on Mac10.15.7

Audacity/libs folder has FFmpeg_5.00_forAudacity_on_maOS.pfg and the libavformat.olylib file
but Audacity Preferences Library doesn’t recognise them and states cannot find etc.
All other setting reviewed 44100Hz 16bit etc, music on audio interface unit is monitored on it just fine. I assume these files are the problem.
FFmpeg life was first downloaded to Mac Applications Folder and subsequently copied across to the Application Support/ Audacity/libs folder
Musch appreciate any helpful suggestions Audacity v3.3.3

WIndows guy here. FFmpeg has nothing to do with recording.

Are you recording from your internal microphone ?

Audio Interface via USB to Mac, it is recognized in Mac sounds and in Audacity and Interface Monitor has the sound playing, just cannot get Audacity to record, no wave form. Every setting checked many times.

Check this: Control access to your microphone on Mac - Apple Support

You maybe on to it as a Mac problem as the sound, through audio interface which plays through its monitor, however does not play through Mac internal speakers when sound output set to them.

Now have an Error Code -9981 InternalPort Code error

Apologies “Error Code is -9986 InternalPort audi error”

Audacity window re Error Code 9986 state, try another USB port and cable. The cable is new, another port makes no difference. Try a different Host, like WASAPI rather than MME
Is that possible/ How? Audacity 3.3.3 only offers “Core Audio”
Mac speakers play music that is on the Mac etc. Both Mac and Audacity recognise whether the Audio Interface is connected or not connected. Just does not play the music.

Due to computer virus and privacy concerns Apple and Windows computers are shipped with the “microphone” not available to 3rd party software such as Audacity. “microphone” in this case includes any external USB audio devices. To overcome this limitation, you must specifically allow or give microphone permission to allow Audacity to record anything. The link above show how to do this.

When Audacity first starts, it scans for available audio devices. If you unplug your device then plug it back in that may cause this error. To correct this, exit Audacity and restart or simply Transport > Rescan Audio Devices.

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