Cannot find Autosave seting in ver 3.1.2


I noticed ver 3.1.2 has autosave enabled somehow. Where can I disable Autosave with ver 3.1.2? I searched and found Autosave setting was in Edit->Preference->Project. Please see attached screenshot below. However, ver 3.1.2 does not have Edit->Reference->Project. So can someone please let me know where I can disable Autosave?

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That option in Preferences was only available for a few months in “Audacity 1.3.10 beta” in the latter part of 2009. It was replaced by an improved version of autosave which updated an XML file on every change (no options). This is all ancient history as Audacity 3.x uses a different project format and there is no longer a “.autosave” file.

Audacity 3.x projects are databases. When you make a change to a project, the database is updated.

When you save a project that has not previously been saved, the database is copied from the temp directory to the save location, and the temp project is deleted.

When you save a project that has previously been saved, temp data for the database is committed to the database, and the database may be compacted to recover wasted space (if there is a significant amount of wasted space in the database).

On closing a project, “undo” data (not used by the current project state) is removed, the database is compacted, and then closed.

There are no options - this is how Audacity 3.x projects work.