Cannot export multiple tracks

A rookie in Audacity here but:
I tried to export multiple tracks from a single track that I split and added a label for each piece. I followed this tutorial:
/ see the link in my next post because this forum has a frustratingly broken filter, which prevents me from posting two links, even though:
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Yeah, I am trying to place exactly two links and you’re not letting me.

In Audacity 3.4 there is no “File > Export” dialog, and so there is no “Export Multiple” command.

I think this help doc (which covers Export Multiple feature) is outdated:

How do I go around it, or is it a fixable bug?
Any help appreciated.

That’s the tuto:

You now can export multiple files in the Export Audio… dialog

But then it will merge all tracks back into one and export as a single audio file. I need multiple files.

Okay, I get it now. I need to select “multiple files” under “export range”.
Though I still need to figure how to map my track titles into exported file names. I guess I should have named the labels themselves from the very beginning, but I was not aware of that.
Also, I would politely suggest updating the misleading help doc, thank you.

There should be a possibility to export multiple files based on track split and track titles, without the need of even creating any labels, which is a redundant and unproductive step.