Cannot export in Constant Bitrate with Audacity 2.4.2


I’m working on an audiobook for acx and I’ve completed all chapters but one on a newer computer, but after my ex took her computer back, I downgraded to a 2009 mac mini and the Audio Analysis says I need the file in 192 bitrate but when I go to export the file, it only gives the options of preset, variable and average with no option for it to be just mono. Any help would be appreciated as Im not sure how to convert it. I really don’t want to rerecord a whole chapter, and even if I do have to, I’m not certain on how to set the bitrate to 192 on this system. Heeeelllllp!
Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 12.30.37 PM.png

Try resizing the window wider so that you can see the full width.
This is what it looks like on Windows 10. Notice how the right hand side of your image is hidden.

Just tested on macOS:


I’m not sure what you’re doing to be able to expand the window. I tried clicking the side and pulling and it will only move that “save” window around the desktop.

It seems to work on Windows 10 for me: I hover on the right (or left) edge until the cursor changes into a double-headed arrow, then I drag the cursor with the mouse.

Here are some tricks for the MAC: How to Resize Your Mac’s Windows

First, expand the dialog using the arrow button beside the folder name (circled in red).

Note the mouse cursor at the right side of the dialog:

– Bill