Cannot delete file with ‘aup3-shm’ extension on Desktop [SOLVED]

Operating system: Windows 10
Audacity version: win-3.1.3-64bit

Problem: An Audacity file with extension “aup3-shm” keeps appearing on my Windows 10 desktop, despite repeated efforts to delete it.

– I removed the Audacity project file with “aup3” extension that had that name, and then removed Audacity program, as well as all Audacity folders in my C-drive.
– I also removed Audacity program and its folders in the C: drive.

Nevertheless, “aup3-shm” file still keeps appearing after I delete it and also restart Windows 10.

Can anyone guide me through how to permanently delete the “aup3-shm” from my Windows 10 desktop. Thanks!

So what you have already done should do it. Have you tried powering off your machine, followed by a cold boot: Windows > Power > Shut down.

Thank you for your feedback.
Yes, and I again powered off my laptop overnight.
But the problem persists: the file, named ‘58 Musica.aup3-shm’, reappeared when I booted up the hard drive.
Repeated efforts to delete it just results in the file reappearing within seconds of my deleting it.
Any other suggestions?

After ensuring that none of the audacity folders remained in my C-drive, I finally discovered the cause of the repeated appearance of the ‘aup3-shm’.
I have Google Drive installed and it mirrors my PC files on Desktop. I found the ‘aup3-shm’ file there (in Google Drive) and delete it.
No more ‘aup3-shm’ on my PC’s desktop.
I hope this solution is of use to anyone that also runs Google Drive as a backup and finds a file such with an extension such as ‘aup3-shm’ that they are unable to delete directly from their PC’s Desktop.

Thanks for sharing your solution. :smiley:

…and they wonder how Audacity projects can get corrupted by networked files… :nerd: