Cannot checkout Audacity Sources


Am unable to checkout sources from the link that you provided. I have tried both in linux (Ubuntu 11.10) and Windows (Vista)

On Linux am using SVN 1.6.12 and on windows am using SVN version 1.6.4.
Every time i try to run this command

svn checkout audacity-read-only

I get this error:
svn: OPTIONS of ‘//’: 200 OK (
then nothing get pulled.

Digging around, i found this is a problem with SVN on how it is reporting some internal error, dead end, read the link below.<>

I was able too grab the tar file for linux, complied it as per your instructions and all went well on that environment.

My biggest challenge is on windows, and this is where i want to use Audacity with my other project.

Is it possible i can get audacity window sources as a zip/compressed file? this might save me from the issue am facing with SVN

I have already downloaded and compiled the wxWidgets 2.8.12 on Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition.


Hello Paul,

There may have been some Google downtime previously, however the correct command if you are using standalone SVN would be:

  • 2.0.5 Release:
svn checkout audacity-read-only

There must be a space between “2_0_5” and “audacity-read-only” and the above is all on one line (there wasn’t a space in your e-mail to feedback@).

  • latest code (post-2.0.5 release):
svn checkout audacity-read-only

Generally it’s much easier to handle SVN on Windows using TortoiseSVN: .

TortoiseSVN gives you Explorer integration. You could then right-click over a new folder > SVN Checkout… then enter the following as the “URL of repository”: .


Thanks Gale,

But am still experiencing the same problem.


There is no reason you should be having that problem. I can create a new folder at will and checkout in TortoiseSVN.

I suggest you check your internet connection, make sure security programs and firewall are not blocking checkout and so on.

Do you need standalone SVN for some reason? I would get rid of it and use TortoiseSVN.



Silly me, had a wrong proxy setup. Sorry.