can you see the history of edits of a track after converting to mp3?

I submitted a sample 1 min recording to a site and was asked to make 2 changes. I did and submitted it as an mp3. After that they told me to make a longer recording using the same settings. I can no longer see the history of edits and I’m not 100% sure which edits I made. Once you convert it to an mp3 do you lose the history of edits you make?

New to this. Tx so much Diana

When you close Audacity, it flushes the Edit > UNDO and we assume, the edit history. If you never close Audacity, it should be possible to Edit > UNDO and step back through all the different things you did. Take good notes.

There’s another note here. Never do production in MP3. When you make an MP3, it gets it’s tiny, convenient files by re-arranging tones and leaving some of them out.

If you make an MP3 from an MP3, it throws away more quality. Usually, by the third pass, everybody can hear the sound damage. Sometimes the damage shows up when the client wants to make an MP3 for another client. That’s how some audiobooks work.

The Edit Master of your work should be a perfect quality WAV. Burn the submitted MP3 from the Edit Master WAV.

What sorts of changes did they want?


Okay, tx. They wanted the bit rate changed and it needed to be louder. I have a low voice (in volume) I tried speaking louder but it’s not natural or sustainable for me so it looks like I will always have to edit for that.

IMO Audacity’s native compressor is not fast enough for speech.
Bertom has a simple free vocal-compressor plugin that works in Audcaity3 …

[Other free compressor plugins are available].

great I’ll try that, tx so much

Could you walk me through how to install Bertom?

Give Bertom a disposable email address …
Bertom Audio - Vocal Compressor #
Then they’ll send you a download link via an email.
If you’re on Windows, download the “”,

then unzip it to extract the “Bertom_VocalCompressor_1.0.0_setup.exe” file.
Then double click on the extracted “.exe” file to install the plugin.
Then when you first start Audacity3 it should be in the VST3 realtime effects.
Bertom VST3 plugins in Audcaity3

Alternatively download Audacity’s free competitor OCENaudio which has a fast realtime compressor & realtime equalizers built-in. [ It can also use third party plugins].

What microphone are you using? You can get increased recorded volume by using oblique positioning (B) and then just get closer.

You can get closer without P-Popping or breath distortions. Also it’s not always obvious where the “front” of the microphone is. Knowing which microphone is good.

Because you submitted video bitrate 48000 and not Audio CD bitrate of 44100 (more normal).

The more you tell us the better and simpler we can make solutions.

Who did you submit to? Sometimes companies publish specifications and we can work with that.


Home microphone makers deliver low volume almost always. Clear voice but low volume makes you think you’re doing something wrong and maybe adding software processing will solve everything.

High volume sounds immediately terrible and makes you want to send the microphone back. No contest.


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