Can You Over Do Sibilance cutting?

Can you over do it on reducing Sibilance? I just recorded and Audiobook and am about to deliver it to the author. I speak with a lot of Sibilance. So I used the Sibilance Live Plugin several times when needed in each instance and even cut down the sibilance manually to shorten it. When I applied my Macro Chain (Loudness Normalization, -20, EQ, Limiter -3.2 DB) it sounds a bit thinned out, yet still overly sibilant. Is there and EQ setting that I can use to fix this? I have attached an audio sample of how it sounds.

Also, I am not sure if the EQ was used properly in my Macros. When I select the EQ manually, in the GEQ Modern Plugin, it defaults to a Flat EQ. A better trained ear would know.


The sample sounds pretty good to me. Sibilant errors sound like an ice-pick in the ear.

If you overdo sibilance filtering, the work becomes dull and muffled, not thin.

People as a rule don’t speak in sharp, “essy” tones. Your microphone has a lot to do with that. Also, your playback system can create problems, too.

I have to be careful because my favorite headphones boost bass tones. This works wonders for music, but is less useful for quality control.


Yes: too much de-essing can make the person sound like they have a lisp.

Unusually your sibilance goes as low as 2kHz, your de-esser may not have touched that part.

before-after desibilator plugin before-after desibilator plugin
suggested settings

thank you for your reply. Would You consider this sample acceptable for audiobook quality? Would any other processing need to be done to clean it up?

Is there a way to improve that through EQ, etc?

Re-essing is possible … Updated De-Clicker and new De-esser for speech - #323 by Trebor
but that’s a last resort, only if you don’t have a version before over-de-essing.

Re: “EQ”. Your EQ sounds good to me, but if you want a free second opinion there’s a free AutoEQ plugin called Focusrite balancer .
It has a male vocal (“Vocals-M”) preset.