Can you hear your audio (on a keyboard) while recording?

Hello all,

I recently was blessed with a new mic system (yay!) and one of the cords (from an “interface”) hooks up directly to my guitar and also to my keyboard (it’s a MIDI keyboard but I understand Audacity doesn’t record MIDI [yet]). So far, so good. :slight_smile:

However, I ran into a snag: when I have the interface cord plugged into my keyboard, I can’t hear anything. It records fine, but during recording I can’t hear what I’m playing (and I’m legally blind so I all but depend on that sound being there). Does anybody know if there’s a way fo fix this problem?

Thanks in advance for your time.
“El Conguero”

PS - I use the newest (beta) version of Audacity for Windows, no idea about anything hardware-related (brands, codecs and whatever else is involved in the mechanical end of things)

<<<I understand Audacity doesn’t record MIDI >>>

And not likely to, either. MIDI is a music action scripting language, it’s not sound or actual music. A typical MIDI instruction (as applied to a MIDI keyboard) can cause middle C on a Grand Piano to be pressed with light force and stay pressed for three seconds.

If any sound is produced, it travels down separate sound cables to a sound recorder like Audacity. MIDI doesn’t care what happens to the sound and Audacity doesn’t care who pressed the key. They’re separate systems.

I had the same keyboard listening and recording problem and I solved it with “Y” cables. One branch of the Y goes to the sound system and the other goes to the recorder or other equipment.

It’s also possible for the computer to feed the incoming music back out to headphones. If you’re on a Windows machine, this is where I stop typing because I’m not.

The Windows Elves are nine time zones away from here.


In the absence of further details I would go for the same advice - Use a splitter lead so that you can connect both the computer and headphones to the keyboard at the same time.

If you could find out the make and model number of the keyboard there may (or may not) be a better alternative.