can you covert 128 to 192 when transferring?

I have recorded a mix in 128k but was wondering if it can be transfered into 192k in mp3 format?
Or do i need to record the mix again?

You can convert an mp3 from 128kbps to 192kbps, but I see no point in doing that… The damage was already done when you converted it to 128kbps. Converting to an higher bitrate won’t give you better quality, in fact it can make it worse. Every mp3 reencoding will add extra damage.

The better is to do all the recording in an uncompress format such as WAV or FLAC, and only convert to mp3 at the desired bitrate as the last step and only once.

The lower the bitrate the most damage will be done by mp3 compression. This damage is permanent.

Thanks mate for the reply, lesson learned!