Can this software be used on my iPad Pro?

Hi- I’d like to use your software on my iPad Pro but can’t seem to find any information that says if this is or is not a possibility. Has an all been designed? If not- can anyone suggest an app that is comparable?? Thanks so much! Tina

Audacity does not currently support iOS. I suggest that you look in Apple Store for an alternative.

I’m guessing this was a typo, but you can’t buy iPad apps at an Apple Store (except insofar as one can use an Apple Store’s free WiFi to reach the App Store, or purchase a gift card redeemable on the App Store! :smiley: ).

It is unfortunate that there is no open-source alternative to Audacity on the Apple App Store, and the “freemium” alternatives have core features gated by paywalls and/or arbitrary limits on size/number of projects. Both Apple and Adobe have promised to release some of their full-featured desktop creative apps for the new iPads, but it isn’t clear if their audio editors will be among the offerings (and of course, those are not open source, either).

The current Audacity FAQ answers, “Will there be a version of Audacity for iPod, iPad or other smartphones or tablet computers?” with:

Current versions of Audacity work internally with > uncompressed > audio to permit high quality editing with a wide range of effects. This requires more processing power and disk space than is available on most mobile devices. Also the wxWidgets interface library we use only has limited support for mobile operating systems and > small screen resolutions> .

Therefore, considerable rewriting of Audacity and its interface will be required before Audacity will work on portable music players like iPod, smartphones like iPhone, tablet computers like iPad or any of the Nexus devices running Android.

However, Audacity in principle does support a tablet PC running Windows (including Microsoft’s “Surface with Windows 8 Pro” tablet)…

The newly-announced (as of last week) iPad Pro lineup contains the same Apple Silicon M1 processor as Macs currently capable of running Audacity. Not just mobile power-throttled versions of the same processors, but literally, the same processor.

Storage capacities up to 2 TB are also being offered. So it seems like the basic technical obstacles described in the FAQ relating to performance and storage capacity are no longer present. And the iPad Pros (and in fact, all iPads) certainly don’t suffer from “small screen resolutions”; their resolutions are much higher than most desktop PCs running today. (iPhones, too, but at that screen size, raw resolution becomes less important than logical resolution/real-world size; phones will likely always require a different interface. But iPads don’t have this limitation—even the smallest has both real and logical screen sizes larger than desktop PC’s we happily run Audacity on.)

iPad is obviously now much more akin to “a tablet PC running Windows” than to “Nexus devices running Android”.

It’s worth noting that v3.0.2 is still compiled for Intel processors, so running Audacity on M1 macOS requires the use of the Rosetta translation environment—which is not available on iPad—but I’d presume a Universal macOS Binary build is forthcoming, at least by the time Intel CPUs rotate out of the current Mac offerings sometime in the next couple of years.

At that time, the only sticking issue for iPad support could be wxWidgets. But with this transition to Apple Silicon, there seems to be new interest in shoring up the library’s existing iOS support—probably unifying at least the low-level code with macOS’s. (wxWidgets isn’t perfectly adapted to the demands of a single interface for phone and desktop form-factors, but there’s no deep issue precluding wxWidgets from supporting single interfaces that work both in resizable desktop windows and on iPad.)

There may well be a mobile version of Audacity in the future, but at present the short answer to the original question is that Audacity will not run on an iPad.

I’m not sure if anyone is aware, there is an “audacity” app in the App Store however it looks dodgy as heck.

They even used the audacity icon.

If this has nothing to do with the official audacity app/family of applications, someone in a position of authority should probably submit a takedown request.

Yes it’s “dodgy as heck”. It infringes Audacity’s registered trademark. I’ll pass this on to the trademark owners.