Can’t suppress internal mic

I want to use Audacity to record music that I’m playing in from a Tascam portastudio via USB link, using the latest version of Audacity and Windows 10.

However, I haven’t found a way to disable/mute the internal microphone so any room noise gets added to the recording.

If I disable the internal microphone no recording occurs.
Any suggestions?

Make sure to select the USB device as your Recording Device. (Don’t select anything that says “loopback” or “stereo mix”).

There should also be a way to transfer the files from the PortaSudio to your computer so you don’t have to re-record them. Check the PortaStudio manual.

Thanks for your reply.

I can’t find any way to select the USB device on Windows 10 - that was the first thing I thought to do. Any idea how it’s done?

(Yes, there are ways to transfer files of mixed/mastered songs from the PortStudio to computer, but they’re not suitable in this case. This song hasn’t been mastered or ‘officially’ mixed down to two tracks, so I’d do a rough mix as I recorded it to ‘Audacity’.)

Ah!!! MAYBE the USB is ONLY for file transfer?

If you want to record onto the computer you might need a USB audio interface (to digitize the analog).


Just to recap - Audacity can record from the Portastudio, but the PC’s internal mic stays on and room noises are recorded at the same time - not great!

When using an older version of Audacity some time ago, I somehow managed to record solely from the Portastudio (silent internal mic!) using trial and error. So I know it’s possible, but can’t figure out what settings I need on the current version to silence the internal mic.

You shouldn’t have to do this but you can go into the Windows Control Panel and disable the mic or turn the volume down to zero.

Thanks for helping.

However, I’ve tried both turning off and muting the internal mic, but Audacity shows an error message and won’t record etc…

Problem solved.

The issue was caused by a faulty cable. After it was discovered and replaced, Audacity worked correctly again.

(Thanks for your help DVDdoug)