Can`t record


i have a usb-tape device and i used to record all my old tapes with audacity,
Now, about 2 years later, it just wont work anymore. i read all the faqs and help artikels , changed all the settings, i just cant record anything anymore…
i am using audacity 2.3.0

is there anything i can do, or is the thing broken?


Any error messages? Are you recording silence or does it refuse to record at all?

Do you hear anything when you plug headphones into the cassette player? (If the analog isn’t working the digital probably won’t work either.)

Does it show-up as a [u]Recording Device[/u] and have you selected it as your recording device?

Try [u]Listen To This Device[/u]. If it’s working you should be able to hear it through your computer speakers without running Audacity (or any other application).

there are no error messages.
it is recording “silence”…means there is a certain “feed-back” sound , when you put it real loud…
i can hear the music with headphones.
it doesn`T show up anywhere…