Can`t hear my microphone whilst recording.

Audacity 2.3.2
Windows 10
USB mic
44khz / 24 bit recording

Device Manager: Sound – Intel(R) Display Audio / RG6818 microphone / Synaptics HD Audio
Audio inputs & outputs: (Headphone symbol) HD Audio 2nd output ( Synaptics HD Audio) /
(Microphone symbol) RG6818
Stereo mix (Synaptics HD Audio)

Windows Sound: Output – HD Audio 2 output (Synaptics HD Audio) my Bose speakers, I guess / Input RG6818 USB Microphone

After wrestling with the dreaded sample rate 9997 error with WASAPI I changed to MME – after searching the posts here – and I can now record a track whilst playing another. (Can`t get ASIO or ASIO4ALL to work for me.)

But I cant hear my vocal in the headphones. Everything records just fine, but obviously I need to hear what Im singing. To get round it I have to remove one side of earphones so I have the band track playing in my left ear, but can hear what I`m singing in the room.

This is no way ideal and the condenser mic does pick up slight sound from the removed headphone.

I assume it`s a driver error – but leave it to you, the experts, to point me in the direction of a solution. And as an aside: the same problem occurs in Cakewalk.

The headphones are plugged in the headphone jack on my Bose speakers.


Turn on [u]Software Playthrough[/u].*

Select the USB microphone as your recording device. DON’T use Stereo Mix. Stereo Mix records the sound coming out of your soundcard and that will create a feedback-loop if you’re hearing yourself in your headphones.

You can mix your voice and the backing track after recording.

(Can`t get ASIO or ASIO4ALL to work for me.)

Right. Audacity is not an ASIO application. If you are a programmer it’s possible to compile Audacity with ASIO support but due to licensing restrictions it can’t be distributed with ASIO built-in. (ASIO4ALL adapts non-ASIO hardware but it doesn’t help with non-ASIO software.)


  • There is ALWAYS some latency (delay) through the computer. If the latency a problem you can try reducing the [u]Buffer Length[/u] but you might not be able to get the latency low-enough. If the buffer is too small you’ll get glitches/dropouts.

ASIO is supposed to be lower latency, but you’d need different software and probably an analog mic and an audio interface with true-ASIO drivers.

Or, some “podcast mics” have a headphone port for direct-hardware zero-latency monitoring and some audio interfaces have the same feature. Or you can use a mixer with an interface, or a USB mixer. (Mixers and interfaces don’t work with USB mics.)

Many thanks for your advice.

The microphone is set as my input device:

Windows Sound: Output – HD Audio 2 output (Synaptics HD Audio) my Bose speakers, I guess / Input RG6818 USB Microphone

Thanks. Still looking…

Audacity settings.jpg

Have you enabled “Software Playthrough”?

Software playthrough…that sounds hopeful.

In Audacity or Windows…?

Thanks again.

Audacity: “Transport menu > Transport options > Software playthough”.
(Transport Menu: Transport Options - Audacity Manual)

Note that, as DVDdoug wrote, software playthrough has an unavoidable delay.
To be able to monitor the input without a delay requires using hardware that has “zero latency monitoring”, which is common in most, (but not all), USB audio interfaces.

Thanks all.

Yes, software playthrough has allowed me to hear what I`m singing…but with a latency that is so off-putting that it makes it impossible to concentrate on the vocal.

So – I might have to purchase the Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ USB Studio Condenser Microphone. This has a headphone socket in the microphone itself and controls for mixing the audio out of the PC and the vocal directly into the mic.

Anyone have experience of that or similar USB mics?

Thanks for your expert help. Always appreciated.