Can someone tell me what the heck this is!?

Just when I thought I had it all ready…
I hear this:

Please listen and tell me what you think. Clicking sound. Is present in raw file, so this did not occur after edits/etc.
All levels were fine during recording.


If there is a better way to upload audio, let me know.

I should also mention I am evidently working in a non-genuine version of WIndows 7, but this hasn’t ever been an issue.
Windows Media Center recently completely usurped all programs.
I have since disabled Windows Media Center, but all desktop icons are still Media Center, however the correct program will open up.
So Audacity has a Windows Media Center icon, but opens correctly.
I’m not sure if something is going on underneath that I can’t detect,
but I don’t think I have any programs running. Internet is not connected and antivirus is disabled.

EDIT: correct sample is now uploaded

Difficult to tell for certain just from the sound, but it sounds to me like “skipping”. See:

So I’ve since updated the Nvidia driver, since it’s been acting funny lately, and now I have the correct icons on my desktop. Weird.
I’m always leery of updating things on this apparent “fake” Windows 7.
I’ve also disabled the update check for Java, since Clickrepair runs on it I’ll have to keep it tho.

This laptop sole uses and purposes are Audacity, Clickrepair, cd burner, and imgburn.
I hope the fake Windows 7 can at least support these for some time!

A bit off-topic, but rather than using fake Windows 7, have you considered using (genuine) Linux? There are many excellent versions (“distributions”) that are free (for example “Linux Mint” is frequently recommended for new Linux users).


Please listen and tell me what you think. Clicking sound. Is present in raw file, so this did not occur after edits/etc.

To take a stab at this, I have in the past heard something similar when there has been a sample rate mismatch somewhere.

Try to locate your audio interface in recording devices (right click on the speaker icon in the task bar) and hit properties, then look at the advanced tab; what do you see there?

2 channel, 16 bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality)
Both boxes are checked, allowing apps to take exclusive control of device.

If your project is 32bit/44.1 khz that should be right.

Sorry, but you are going to have to try some more troubleshooting; do you get the same effect on a straight playback not using Audacity, do you get it if you are recording silence, etc?

I think I got this one nipped in the bud.
My display was flickering occasionally, I updated the drivers, disabled a few things, and now all icons are accurate and everything runs smoothly.

Which sample were we listening to? There is a loud 12 second one and a quiet 8 second one with whooshy noises.

You can always attach samples to your post, preferably in WAV up to 2 MB in size. See How to post an audio sample.

Which host are you choosing in Device Toolbar? For future reference, if you are using MME host, you are right to make the Audacity project rate the same as Default Format, but the Exclusive Mode boxes have no effect in that host.

Sometimes you can do better with Windows DirectSound or Windows WASAPI host. 44100 Hz project rate should be fine, but both Exclusive Mode boxes should be checked. In that case, Default Format sample rate and bit depth is ignored, and there will be less or no additional processing by Windows.


The sample above should be Jefferson Airplane, with the clicking sound.

Host is MME. Is that ok?

How long is that clip, then we can identify it? Your link plays two different clips.

MME is most compatible, but not necessarily the best. I’ve explained the factors that come into play when choosing host, but choose the host that works best for you with your setup.


My bad. the one titled ‘error’, and it’s 12 seconds.

If it’s the attached, I cannot hear clicks or dropouts, sorry, but my ears are late middle-aged. If that file is still a problem please state time points where the problems are.