Can someone listen to this and tell me what's happening?

I bought a cassette recorder in April to transfer cassettes to mp3’s. It sat on my desk, and worked fine and then I had to stop recording for a couple months to do work out of town. No one has touched it and its in the same spot still attached. I put a cassette in today and got this “space sound” kind of like a funky bad feedback from a microphone and I don’t know what changed. I can’t hear the audio cassette because all I hear is this sound.

If that’s not feedback, it’s darn good fake.

No one has touched it

It being the cassette machine. Anybody touch the computer? Does this computer have Skype or other chat programs?

Make sure Audacity is recording from your device pathway and not switched to something else. Look at the microphone window in the device toolbar.

How is the cassette machine connected?

You should be able to hear the cassette behind all that trash if it was the actual cassette machine in the feedback. I think you are no longer trying to record the tape, but something else.

Do you or someone else in the house like to record internet shows or music? If so, that requires an intentional feedback loop between Playback from the internet and Record into Audacity. Normally, those two don’t touch each other.

And you thought nobody touched your machine while you were gone…


Sorry its taken so long to reply. Working out of town again. I checked the microphone on the device tool and it says “Core Audio” and then Built-in Microphone" and then 2 Stereo recording channels , Built-in output. All those settings do not give me any options to pick another setting. Only those except the 2 stereo gives me a “1 stereo recording channel option”

I’m on High Sierra operating system on my imac. I assure you that no one has messed with my computer. Its just me and my husband and he has his own and can barely figure out how to turn his on and check his email.

This is really frustrating. I don’t know what to do.

I forgot to reply about recording from the internet or music. No, I don’t do that. I’m a pretty simple internet user. Its email, facebook, and occasionally I will play a game of scrabble. I will use google to do a search but no movies, games, videos, or anything else.

If that setting was changed, how would I change it back so I can use this little cassette to record on to my computer?

I don’t speak Mac , but I know a little Audacity.

As a workaround try temporarily unchecking “Software playthrough of input” tickbox in Audacity preferences

Software playthrough can cause a feedback loop.

Please run through the steps on this page and see if it helps.

Make sure the cassette deck is connected, has fresh batteries, and is turned on.

– Bill