Can plug-in Renaissance Vox be added to Audacity?

I added Renaissance Vox to another audio recording software I use.
Can it be added as a plug-in to audacity?
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WAVES does not officially support Audacity so it may not work. :frowning: Make sure ty try 64-bit plug-ins if you are using 64-bit Audacity.

Pro Tools 2021 (AAX Native, Audiosuite)
Ableton Live 11.1 (VST3)
Nuendo 11 (VST3)
Cubase 11 (VST3)
Cakewalk by BandLab 2021 (VST3)
Audition 22 (VST3)
Premiere Pro 15 (VST3)
Samplitude Pro X6 (VST3)
Sequoia 15 (VST3)
Pyramix 25th (VST)
Studio One Professional 5.3 (VST3)
FL Studio 20 (VST3)
Reason 11, 12 (VST)
Maschine 2 (VST)
Komplete Kontrol 2 (VST)
Bitwig Studio 4 (VST3)

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If I’m not mistaken, even if you get the right number of bits version, Audacity does not support VST3 (or VSTi), only VST.
Still using Audacity 2.4.1 so not sure of the latest version, perhaps someone that uses the latest version can confirm this.

If it’s VST3, then not currently compatible with Audacity …|tab-supported-hosts.