Can playback sample rate be changed ?

Hello -
if, for example, I have a file @ 22050 sample rate,
is there something in Audacity that will allow me to play it back at 44100 (twice as fast) ?

I don’t want to actually change (resample) the file - I just wanted it to be interpreted for playback as
if it were the higher sample rate.

Thanks for any info

There is a [u]3rd-party utility[/u] that can monkey with a WAV file header and change the sample rate. (That’s an “instruction” to the playback software (or an instruction to Audacity).

In Audacity, I think you’d have to use the Speed Change effect and then change the Project Rate in the lower-left of the Audacity Window if you want 44.1kHz.

Thanks for the info. I’m thinking of a scenario where the sample rate indicated in the file
was wrong, or it’s a RAW file, so when it was loaded it’s either played back too fast or too slow.

Being able to play it back at an interpreted sample rate to find out what it should really be
rather then actually resampling, would be a lot quicker than having to actually resample the file -

then when the correct rate is found, I can use it or save it with the correct info
(remembering to change the “project rate” as necessary)

Yes. In the track’s dropdown menu, click on “Rate”, then select 44100. See:

Perfect -
thanks steve