Can only see 2 channels on my Behringer UMC404 Interface

Latest Audacity version. Windows 7. Behringer UMC404.

Don’t know how to tell Audacity that this is a 4 channel interface. Looked all over the place. You’d think this would be a common problem with this interface. Worked fine with my Akia EIE I used to have.

I know how this used to work. Multi-Channel audio interfaces would configure their interface in multiples of stereo rather than simple multi-channel. That’s so if you’re missing the special software or appropriate connection, the units would still work in stereo, sometimes multiple stereo channels, rather than stopping dead.

What software came with the unit? I can’t tell from the ad.


No software came with unit. I had to download a windows driver from the Behringer site but that was it. Trying to get it to work in Audacity specifically. As far as I can tell Audacity is recognizing it as only two channels, not as two stereo channels. Next time I mess with it I’ll record and test exactly WHICH two of the channels it is recording, I suspect its the first two.

You might want to review the information here:

Omg I should have mentioned that in my first post. Yes, I’ve read it many times. I did do a google search before resorting to posting on forums. I guess I’m looking for info specifically on the interface that I bought, or something a little more beginner-ish. I don’t know. I feel like the manufacture should have included something a little more helpful in the driver itself. Maybe I should try a Behringer forum.