can not drag to a another track with timeshift

Selected a 10 sec segment in a mono track, pressed f5, placed the tool in the selected area, pressed down and held down the left mouse button, but when I moved the mouse to a blank track the segment does not move.

I am using 1.3.12

If you click inside the selection you cannot drag a clip to another track. If you drag outside the selection you can. You can only drag clips between tracks, not selections.

– Bill

Please excuse my posting here for it should have gone into a different location. Will do better next time.

I still do not have it so could someone please give me step-by-step from the start point of a mono track being open with a blank track below

  1. You can only move clips, not selections.
    So, after making your selection in the mono track you need to choose Edit > Split to create a separate clip to drag to another track.

  2. You cannot drag a clip to another track if you click within a selection in that clip.
    So, first click in the clip with the Selection tool to remove the selection (so you have a cursor, not a selected region).
    Switch to the Time Shift tool, click in the clip and drag it to the other track.

– Bill

Still not working

I placed the selection tool into the selected area that I split and clicked which removed the selection and left the vertical line of the curser in the same location where I clicked the selection tool.

I pressed F5, moved the tool inbetween the two split lines, pressed the left mouse key and held it down, moved the tool to the track below but the area inside the split lines did not move. When I released the mouse key in the track where I wanted the clip, the curser line did appear in the same location as in the split area…

While moving the timeshift tool around, a yellow line displayed when the arrow ends came close to the split lines.

Are you trying to move a mono clip into a stereo track? That won’t work. Mono → mono, stereo > stereo.

– Bill

Thanks Bill - I was trying to move from a separated stereo track to a mono track. Working now - embarrassed Chuck

Still a problem for I can not time shift move a clip to a track that was created by duplication. Both tracks are mono, 44,100hz. The duplication was of the entire track on which I then used “Silence Audio” to remove what I did not want on the track. The area I wanted to move the 6 sec clip to is empty with no other clips within 20 seconds on either side.

I can move a clip to a new track, save the project, open and move another clip into another area of the new track but not to the duplication created track.

If you use “Split Delete” instead of “Silence Audio”, you will be able to move the clip into the other track.
“Silence” is not the same as “empty space”. It is still audio, but slient, and you need empty space with no audio to move the clip into.

Whether the track is duplicated or not doesn’t make a difference.

@Bill, Does this maybe need a mention in the manual? I had to work it out for myself.


Does it need an example, or just a note?

That example shows moving a clip to an empty track. It could be changed so it shows a clip being moved to a space in an empty track, at which time it could be pointed out that “space” is different from “silence”.

– Bill

I think that would do it.


But, I have two different types of audio; one stero and second mono. I want to add a clip from mino in stereo. Can anything be done? Can we convert mono audio to stereo and then try?

You can cut and paste from a mono track to a stereo track.

You cannot cut and paste from a stereo track to a mono track because that would lose data. If you need mono, convert the stereo track to mono first (“Tracks menu > Mix > Mix stereo down to mono”).

Conversely, you could convert the mono track to stereo:

  1. Select the mono track then duplicate with Ctrl-D
  2. With the two mono tracks on top of each other, on the upper-most track, select Make Stereo Track.

I hope this helps. :smiley: