can not change sample rate ?


i have a mp3 file that have a sample rate of 44000.

I need to convert it to a wav file with a sample rate of 8000 for using with my asterisk server.

When i do that, i can not anymore understand onything that is said on the file.

Is there a way to change the sample rate without loosing too much quality ???

(buy not loosing too much quality, i mean that i want to understand what it is said in the audio file)

First, you should convert your high quality, non-MP3 sound file to mono if it isn’t already. Tracks > Stereo Track to Mono.

Then change the Project Rate number at the bottom-left of the Audacity window to 8000. That should give you a sound track about the quality of a telephone — 4000Hz sound. Telephone goes up to 3000Hz.

Then File > Export to whatever sound format the system needs at the highest quality allowed.

The original work, voice, music, etc should not be MP3. MP3 doesn’t resample or recompress well. Start with WAV or other very high quality work. That may be why your existing conversions sound funny.


You mean 44100. 44000 Hz is not a valid MP3 sample rate.