Can I set a default bit-depth for exported WAV files?

I’m currently using the 2.3.0 version of Audacity on 64-bit Windows 10.

I do like this program a lot, but one thing is becoming a huge irritation for me as I continue to use it. Every time I export audio as a WAV file, the default bit depth is always 16-bit. I never export to 16-bit. I almost always export to 24-bit. For each and every file I want to save as a WAV, I have to change the bit depth to 24. It gets unnecessarily tedious and annoying after awhile.

Is there any way to make Audacity default to exporting my WAV files as 24-bit files?


“File menu > Export > Export Audio…” (rather than “Export WAV”)
Select “WAV (Microsoft) signed 24-bit PCM” and export.

The next time you select “Export Audio” (shortcut “Ctrl + Shift + E”), it should remember the last used settings.

That worked perfectly! I’m going to reprogram my keyboard shortcut to use this type of export from now on. :slight_smile: