Can I sell the music that I recorded on audacity??

Can I sell my music that I created with audacity??? Where can See this information, Youtube is requiring to me a link where they can see that information.

Please, send me the link, for send to youtube.

It depends …

If you composed the music & wrote the lyrics , ( i.e. original-music, not a cover-version) , and played all the instruments, and did all the singing yourself, then you own copyright to all of it, and can legally sell copies.

However if you used the performances of other musicians & singers, then you must have their written permission to legally reproduce & sell copies of their performances . If you were playing music composed by someone else and/or singing lyrics written by someone else, then again you’d need their written permission to sell your cover-version of their work, as music & lyrics are also protected by copyright.

Everything is original, voice etc instruments, Youtube’s question is:
What used the software for editing music?
link to the terms of the software license, where you rights to market your music.
Please your help.

Audacity has no end-user license other than the public GNU agreement.

That may be enough for them.


Some software used to create music , ( rather than just edit music) , includes samples [recordings] of musical instruments & voices*. In some cases the music you create with those samples cannot be sold : non-commercial use only. I think that’s what YouTube’s question is about : they are trying to find out if the software you used to create the music contains samples which are non-commercial use, ( if so could not be legally used in a monetized-YouTube ).

[ * e.g. strictly-speaking compositions you create on incredibox cannot be legally reproduced on a monetized-YouTube, as that is commercial use … ]