Can I restore my project, if I have only _data dir?

Can I restore my project, if I haven’t .aup file (I accidentally delet it), but have project_data dir?

Did you empty your Trash Can? Did you close Audacity? You should be thinking of what to do if the show never comes back.

Is it an edited show or production? If it is, that’s the end of the world. The AUP file is a list of all your edits, filters, corrections and effects. Without that, you have a _DATA directory of trash.

If the show was a straight, plain, non-edited Mono recording, you might be able to recover it manually, but I’m not sure the tools work on a Mac. Scroll down.

If you have a simple stereo recording with no edits, you may get the show back, but Left and Right sound may reverse at random.

We recommend File > Export a WAV (Microsoft) backup sound file of important work.


Thanks a lot!)

You hit one of the disasters where recovery is not good.