can i record to my windows media player

i am trying to record old classic films in audio from the BBC radio 4 is this possible.can i then send them to my Windows media player.or any other audio player you may tell me to use.i am 80 years old so please be kind

Is it a physical radio? If so you can record if you have a stereo line-in on your computer and you buy the correct cable to connect from headphones out of the radio. Most computers don’t have a proper stereo line-in these days. We have a set of tutorials you can work through

You will “export” the recording to a WAV or MP3 file then play it in Windows Media Player.

If it is internet radio you can in many cases download from BBC iPlayer Radio and keep the show for 30 days.

If you want to record live from internet radio, make sure you have copyright permission - you probably don’t so it’s your choice. See for how to record audio streaming through the computer.