can i record my guitar with this program

i have a hp pavillion g6 laptop, it does have a 1/8 mic input. i am new user and not real familiar with this type of stuff thanks

No. At least, not very well.

You can’t plug a guitar into a microphone input and expect to get a good sound. The mic input is too sensitive and is much too low impedance. You want and external box that specifically includes an instrument input, or one of those “guitar-to-USB” cables.

– Bill

ok thanks for the fast response, great site…

The [u]Behringer UCG102[/u] is probably the lowest-cost Guitar-USB interface. (I’m not a guitar player, and I don’t own one of these gizmos.)

Just some more random information…

The line-input on a desktop computer is often good quality, and it’s OK if you want to record the audio from a mixer, or from a VCR, etc. But laptops usually don’t have line-in, and the mic input on a regular soundcard is virtually worthless for music or high-quality voice recording. As Bill said, it’s “high-impedance”, but the impedance is too low for a guitar.

And, the mic input on a regular soundcard is the wrong match for performance/studio microphones, which are low-impedance balanced with XLR connectors. (If you want to make “simple” high-quality recordings with a microphone, you can get “studio quality” USB mics starting around $100 USD.)

The amp & cabinet are part of the guitar sound/tone. You can use a DI box/Direct box for recording the pure sound from the guitar (and/or effect boxes), but then you usually need to use “amp simulator” software to get the right tone. Of course, the advantage is that you can select from a big selection of simulated amps/cabinets. In pro recording studios they sometimes use a DI box, and sometimes they just stick a Shure SM57 mic in front of the guitar cabinet. Sometimes, they record both signals.

Music stores and places like [u]Musician’s Friend[/u] sell all kinds of guitar & microphone interfaces. Some with built-in amp sims.

IIRC a guitar pickup expects to see an input impedance of 100k or higher. Most mic inputs (including “pro” pre-amps) are around 2k input impedance, and I’d expect the mic input on a soundcard to follow this standard.

Here’s the link to the Behringer page with specs on that unit:

– Bill

I use my guitar into a Fender Mustang 1 amplifier ($99). From there, direct USB out from amp, in to computer; shows in Audacity as a Microphone In.

(Currently I’m having trouble getting playback/recording with Audacity v2.0.0, but I have used it quite a bit in v1.2.6). It’s a cool little amp for practicing, and it has about 24 presets, plus you can modify as you see fit. Sound records very good and clean. Looking to use v2.0.0 to be able to correct latency issues.

I can’t get Audacity to ‘see’ my Mustang II amp through the USB interface.

Running 2.0.1 on a windows 7 ASUS notebook.

When I plugged in the amp the drivers were found.

Mustang Amplifier is listed in the device manager with no warnings or errors.

This is my first time to run Audacity so I’m open to suggestions.


From looking at the Mustang II feature list ( the USB connectivity appears to be for parameter control, not an audio interface.

It’s working now. The amp had to be enabled in the system/sound setup.

Made my first recording and my playing was terrible - but that problem can be solved in a forum. :confused:

Thanks for the help.


Wonderful, can you share your work?