Can I record game audio with 7.1 USB headset?

I’m new here and never actually used Audacity or a 7.1 USB headset. So maybe someone here that already did could answer.

When you use those kinds of headset windows outputs 7.1 like a analog outputs on any regular board? While playing games.

And is it possible to capture audio like this?

What about voice using the headset microphone? Can I record it all?

Or should I give up on surround sound if I’m going to record gameplay footage?

A USB headset is a separate audio device, but not a sound card. Stereo mix in your built-in audio sound card can only record gameplay audio playing on that built-in device. A USB headset won’t usually have an option to record its own playback.

It’s unlikely you can record 7.1 audio in Audacity on Windows. Stereo Mix is what it says - stereo (2 channels). I am not a gamer, you would need to ask game specific questions on a gaming forum.

Yes you can record from the USB headset mic on its own if you set the headset as the recording device in Audacity Device Toolbar .

If you want to record gameplay audio and your voice at the same time, then assuming you are on Windows Vista or later a solution would be to use Fraps to record the game audio and your microphone. This should work with a USB headset. See: .

You will probably need to turn down the volume of the in-game sound so that your microphone can be heard.

Another alternative would be to use a wired headset with pink and green connectors that uses your built-in sound device. Then if you unmute the microphone in the Playback section of your sound control panel (or on Vista and later, open Windows “Sound”, go to the Recording properties of your wired headset and choose “Listen to this device”) you can record the game and your microphone in Audacity using stereo mix.

“Listen” will have some delay so the mic may be recorded slightly late.


The problem of using fraps of MSI afterburn is that I get some lag with those devices.

I have an external HDMI capture card but it can only capture stereo. It can capture 1080p footage in the other hand.
So I could use this for video and some software just for audio.

Sadly I can’t find one without any kind of lag when using surround sound.

My hope was that audacity could do it.

Unfortunately this is only a Forum for Audacity, not for gaming and overclocking, so any advice the Forum regulars can give will be very limited.

Perhaps you want a 7.1 PCI or USB sound card rather than just a headset - you can cable audio out to line-in if that is the only way, then record from line-in.

Audacity can’t usually record multi-channel audio on Windows unless you compile Audacity with ASIO support. See .

You may be able to correct audio and video sync afterwards in Audacity.