Can I monetize podcasts that use sounds from Muse Hub?

I am a new user and I would like to record podcasts about education or simple mantra singing sessions.

I would like to use sounds and effects delivered at Muse Hub as background. For example sing mantras with the rain in the background or guitar in the background or do podcasts with some background effects or music.

I have two questions:
1 - Am I allowed to legally publish such works? Which include sounds and effect from Muse hub?
2 - Am I allowed to monetize such works (which include the sounds and effects from Muse Hub)? By monetize I do not mean sell directly as a CD or a mp3 file, I mean publish on youtube channel or podcast channel for profit?

Thank you so much for the answer.


The website says:

I don’t see any restrictions.

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Thank you for this link, I just wanted to make absolutely sure, so I was hoping for a clear “go for it” from the creators of Muse Hub :slight_smile: