Can I make an Audacity version of Adobe Audition's Center Channel Extractor

Hi, everyone. I just made this account, but can I make an Audacity version of Adobe Audition’s Center Channel Extractor plugin? I had a DVD rip of a Volume 3 of a cartoon show called Hoshi no Kaabii, and I’m trying to make an instrumental dubbing track for people to put their own twists on the show, but the audio tracks are stereo. However, the Vocal Reduction and Isolation plugin did a very good job at removing vocals, however 4 parts of the center channel are panned left and right to give that psuedo-stereo effect, which I don’t like. How can I make an Audacity version of the Adobe Audition plugin, for my own use in audio?

I’m trying to make an instrumental

Try the regular-old [u]Vocal Remover[/u] or the “classic” setting of Vocal Reduction and Isolation. The result is a “mono” file (identical left & right channels).

I had a DVD rip

I assume it’s not surround sound but if it’s 5.1 channel surround you should be able to open the 6-channel recording and silence the center channel without any “tricks” or special processing.

Audacity version of Adobe Audition’s Center Channel Extractor plugin?

“Extraction” is the opposite of removal and it’s far more complicated than simple center-channel removal which subtracts left from right to remove everything that’s identical in the left & right channels.

How can I make an Audacity version of the Adobe Audition plugin, for my own use in audio?

I assume you are not a programmer or you wouldn’t be asking that question. Audacity is open source so you can study the existing code and modify it or create your own effects/plug-ins from-scratch. Or, you can write VST plug-ins from-scratch to run a variety of hosts.

Nyquist programming is fairly-simple (I’ve never used it) but you will need to learn (or know) some basic programming concepts and have a basic understanding of digital audio. In general, DSP programming (digital signal processing) is an “advanced programming topic”, but a lot of the complex details are done for you with Nyquist.

Of course, Audition is proprietary and you don’t have access to the source code. You’d have to understand what it’s doing and then start from scratch to reverse-engineer it.

If you have access to Audition there’s nothing wrong with using multiple applications/tools! I’m a long-time GoldWave user (Windows), plus I have several other audio & video applications/tools/utilities (mostly free) that I use for various purposes. I use several different tools/applications when I make DVD… Often, I’ll use separate audio & video editors, plus a DVD authoring application, and a separate burning application. Then more-different software for making/printing the DVD label and packaging…

I’m NOT a fan of Audition because of the pricing/licensing model, but if it has a feature you need it might be worthwhile. ….I’m Soooo happy I chose GoldWave over Cool Edit (which became Audition) many years ago!!! :smiley: Today, I’d probably choose Audacity and skip GoldWave, but with all the years of free upgrades the per-year cost of GoldWave is almost nothing!

Kn0ck0ut ? , (it’s old though: creates a lot of artefacts)

I made a really buggy modification of the Vocal Remover plug-in that’s basically the same but poorly copied and pasted and programmed. There’s a bug where the Nyquist value returns the number 2000 so click the debug button, and hopefully I’ll find the bug. Also, my modification is called Phonic Mind, coincidentally named after one of the most popular online vocal removers.
phonicmind.ny (4.16 KB)

How do you produce that error?

Please note that Nyquist uses plain ASCII. Special characters (such as the accented “É” in MindÉ) should not be used because they can cause hard to find bugs.