Can I expand a waveform display vertically?

Using Audacity 2.4.2 on Windows 10 64-bit.

Newbie alert!

I am trying to align two quiet tracks, but the waveforms are so small (about -40 dB) that I can’t see them. Is there any way to expand the waveform vertically so I can see the start of each note? Scrubbing’s no use as these are piano tracks and the start of each note has to be perfectly aligned. It seems I can expand the track vertically, but the waveform stays the same size :frowning:

Turn your speaker or headphone volume down.

Select one track with the button on the left. Effect > Amplify > New Peak -3dB > OK.

Now do that to the other one.


Spectrogram view is worth a look if you are trying to align notes.

I’ve just worked out a way - use the dB display rather than linear. Much easier to see the start of a note.

Trebor: thanks - I’ll look at that video when I’ve the time - probably tomorrow.

kozikowski: thanks - I’ll try that, but won’t it make the tracks too loud? There’s a reason that it’s quiet! Or are you suggesting that I just use this mechanism to locate the start of a note, and then reduce the volume again? In that case, ctrl-Z won’t work as I’ll lose the label or clip mark that I’ve just set, which rather defeats the object of the exercise.


You can zoom vertically. See:

Ah - I see it now. Thanks. Not easy to find in the manual as it’s neither a menu item nor a toolbar item.

It’s worth spending some time exploring the big Audacity picture on the first page of the manual:
The image is made up of clickable components that will take you to the appropriate page in the manual.