Can I edit the audio of a video?

First…I have a free download of 2.1.2. And Win 10.

What I want to do, specifically, is edit—mostly volume and EQ—the audio of a concert video.
I want to tailor the EQ, particularly, in a pretty detailed fashion. I’m trying to make the audio louder and more understandable. (Learning to record better will be a very good thing----but at the moment, this vid is what I have to work with.)

I’ve seen a YouTube video showing Audacity with an apparent capacity to import the audio from a video (possibly with some plug-in?). So I guess you’d do that, work with the sound, and then rejoin it with the video?
But it didn’t seem to have what I’m at least a little familiar with: say a 30-band bank of virtual EQ sliders.

So is this possible with Audacity?
Is there another program that edits video and has a thorough—not greatly dependent on presets—ability to work on sound?

I am having a time of it working my way toward a method of doing what I need to do!


and then rejoin it with the video

That’s the part we can’t do. You need a video editor for that.

If you install FFMpeg into your Audacity, it will open the sound part of many different types of files. It’s probably a good idea to install the latest Audacity from here, too

One of the variations of Effect > Equalization is Eq Type: Graphic.

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 22.20.39.png


OK, I have apparently installed FFMpeg, and I am now importing the audio from about an 8-min video.
Looks like that process is gonna take half an hour. Izzat how this is supposed to work?

But let me thank you for providing the import solution, at least for Audacity. (Alla this tech stuff is so opaque to me at first!)
I have not done a lot of sound tailoring in Audacity. Mostly trimming clips, removing pops, and trying to limit overdriving the volume. I’ll be seeing if it does what I need to do currently. Hope so!

]Revision: It was a 90-min clip! Took 25 min to import.

Meanwhile, after said importation, my Audacity screen came up like this:
Sorry to be such a slug—I’m sure there’s a simple way to get back to the view that has the play controls…
Also, do I have to import an EQ? It’s grayed out on the effects dropdown.

Thanks so much!

The EQ in Effect dropdown has reappeared.

I am looking for the way to shift views back to what I now know is the Project Window.
Guess the workaround is to save what I imported from the vid and restart Audacity.

Question: is the window in the pic above a real window, and what is it for? Or just an error?

“Edit menu > View > Toolbars > Reset Toolbars”

I’m wondering why you are getting multiple strange problems. Is there something special about your computer? Is it a very old / low spec computer?

Inspiron 15; 3541. Has some odd issues which I am pursuing elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the Edit dropdown doesn’t appear to have a view option, and the View dropdown has nothing about windows. Reopening Audacity set things right as far as the project space.

I’ll look at FAQ, of course, but I don’t think it would have answered these, except obliquely.
I.e., I googled “audacity workspace.” The manual explained what was on it (which is good) but not “where” it was. Another page had someone asking where it was; the reply was that it was the opening screen in Audacity. This reminded me there was a way to restore it, as above.
Nothing about when it looks wonky. Eventually I deduce there maybe aren’t supposed to be variations, and what I was seeing was possibly a computer screwup.

Sorry, my mistake - that’s what comes of doing two things at once :blush:

“View menu > Toolbars > Reset Toolbars”

Got it, thanks.

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