Can Audacity remove human vocal from music?

Can Audacity remove human vocal from music like AudioDirector?

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Yes, but you need a plugin for it: Audacity ® | Introducing OpenVINO AI effects for Audacity

Thank you. Glad to see Audacity has this function.

I downloaded both zip files (,, unzip them, and copy both unzipped folders to C:\Program Files\Audacity\ . I then reboot Windows (just in case). However my Windows Audacity ver. 3.4.2 does not show “mod-openvino” under 'Edit → ‘Preferences’ → ‘Modules’

Hope next Audacity release could include this function so we don’t have to manually integrate it.

You can check vocal reduction and isolation plugin which offers two options: “Remove Vocals” and “Isolate Vocals.” While “Remove Vocals” aims to eliminate vocals, it may also affect other instruments in the same frequency range. “Isolate Vocals” attempts to preserve only the vocals, but results can be inconsistent depending on the song’s mixing and mastering.

Hmm, did you follow along to installation video? One way to double check – After extracting zip files, you should see mod-openvino.dll in C:\Program Files\Audacity\modules.

By “You can check vocal reduction and isolation plugin”, do you mean I can download the plugin somewhere and add the plugin in Audacity?

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You might also be interested in taking a look at moises ai. It does a great job separating stems. It allows 5 free uses each month or you can consider buying full access. I believe it was a very reasonable price point.

Thank you for the info. I’ll give it a try.

Well this is down right cool, and integrated into Audacity. Thanks Team for all that you do for those of us that can’t. :grin: