Can Audacity Remember a Microphone?

this sounds all too familiar, sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh
oh well. Thank you so much for trying though !!!

I was asking what you tried already, the Behringer to rule out some oddity with the iMic…

This seems to be a MB Air problem. I’ve had a look at the block schematics for Eric’s MB Air. Seems not too different from other Macbooks. Strange…

This seems to be a MB Air problem.

I can try this dance with a full-on MBP-15". I think 2012-ish vintage. That’s how I did the original tests. That’s how I would be recording a show. Not on the MBA.

It has the optical drive and all the ports. You can’t buy those any more…

And just a side note. I did a garden/yard recording and don’t seem to have hits, clicks, pops, ticks or other disturbances…aside from little chirps. No clue where those are coming from or what they are.


I don’t have a MB Air around for testing. And I even don’t know anyone doing audio on one.

Could you test with another recording program? Garageband fi?

I close the lid on my MB Pro often. Never a problem with Audacity, but I’m not on EC and my interface is FW connected. But even when I use a USB interface, it’s no problem…

So, is this

  • MB Air
  • El Capitan
  • Audacity


We can rule out the iMic, since the Behringer produces similar results. I would be surprised if this is EC related, because I’ve never heard about the problem. And we know there have been plenty USB-audio problems with EC. Apple has revamped the entire USB stack in Sierra, BTW. According to tests from RME, with good results. Less latency, fi.