Can Audacity make vibrato smoother?


I’m using Windows Audacity. Can it make vibrato (see screenshot below) flat or make vibrato smoother? I currently use Envelope tool of Audacity to manually make vibrato smoother but it takes time and the final effect is not ideal.

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It looks like you mean “tremolo” (varying amplitude) rather than “vibrato” (varying pitch).

If you are wanting to create a gentle tremolo, try Audacity’s Tremolo effect:

Thanks for the information.

Yes, I meant tremolo. I just tried Effects → Tremolo, which can add tremolo to a flat sound track. Does Audacity also have a effect tool that can remove existing tremolo from sound track and make the sound “flat”? I’m currently using the Envelope tool to manually remove tremolo but it wastes time and the result is not ideal.

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You could try the Limiter effect (with “Soft Limit” setting).
Amplify the track first (default settings) so that the high points of the tremolo go to top / bottom of the track, then apply the Limiter with default settings. That will reduce the peaks down to -3 dB.


Nice trick. It does make the existing tremolo smoother. Thank you.

Screenshots are “before” and “after” with the trick you suggested.

(1) Original tremolo:
(2) After apply default Amplify, default Limiter and -5db Amplify: