Can Audacity identify the "KEY" after transposing?

I am a newbie can Audicity identify the key after you have changed the pitch thanks Karen

I presume that you are talking about the key signature of a piece of music. If that is what you are asking, then Audacity is not able to identify the key of a piece of music. There is a plugin available that can identify the pitch of a single note with reasonable accuracy.

Steve do you know what the plug in is? Many thanks

The plugin I was referring to is called “Pitch Detect”.

Download it here:

Instructions for installing:

Also see for a third-party application and online service that can fairly often identify the key signature (tonality).

Training your ear to work out what the tonic note is then using Steve’s plugin (or look for the highest peak in Analyze > Plot Spectrum…) is the most reliable method.


Many thanks. Karen