Can audacity handle planar data?

I have two raw audio data files, each with the same data and basic formats (signed 16bit, 44100 sample rate, 2channels), but one is interleaved, and the other is planar. I would like to import them both into audacity. But I cannot see how to import a raw file that is planar - it seems audacity assumes interleave.

I know that I can convert the planar to interleave via another app, like ffmpeg, but I’d prefer to just import the data directly into audacity.

Any suggestions?



Non-interleaved PCM is rather rare, and as far as I’m aware, not currently supported by Audacity’s RAW import.
Do you know how many samples there are per channel chunk?
What happens if you import the non-interleaved file as 16 bit 44100 Hz mono?