Can Audacity create loop points for Fallout/Skyrim audio files?

I’m having trouble getting Audacity to create loop points in an audio file that basically stays in the metadata of the audio file itself.

I do a lot of audio work for modding games like Skyrim, Fallout, etc. These games handle loop sounds by having the Start, Loop and End all compiled into a single audio file with loop points in the file itself telling the game where the loop starts and where it ends.

I can make seamless loops perfectly fine using Ctrl-B but for the life of me I can’t find anything related to setting up readable loop points that stay with the file. I can set up a loop, see the points in audacity but then I save it, re-open it and the loop points are gone. Skyrim/Fallout use uncompressed WAV/FLAC for audio which I understand is required for loop points to work.

So Audacity does not support looping in .WAV files. You will need to use a different program that supports this.

I don’t know it will help, but you can do Export > Labels to get the locations of your existing Audacity .AUP3 project Ctrl-B marks.

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