Can audacity be used as a synthesizer?

I hope someone can help me with this question and problem.

I have a recording that’s needed in a serious matter, but unfortunately, the voices in the recording are so low you have to turn it all the way up and listen to it very closely otherwise you can’t hear what they’re saying, like someone whispering so low you can’t hear them. If I were to make it three times louder, it would be all static, like an fm station with a fading horrible signal. Is there a way to use audacity as a synthesizer to make the voices on the recording loud enough to hear clearly?

If someone can help me with this it’d be greatly appreciated.

I have a recording that’s needed in a serious matter

The court action, law suit or divorce, right? Doesn’t anybody record music any more?

If there’s not enough there to amplify, then there’s not enough available to use any of the other tools.

Can we assume you started with Effect > Amplify? That will make it so you can’t have to turn it up.

What is the noise covering the voices? Is it air conditioning or something constant? If it’s street noises, you’re dead.

You might also try Effect > Equalization and droop everything above 3KHz and below 300 Hz like the illustration. That’s the telephone filter. That might help a little.

Screen shot 2012-09-13 at 7.15.06 PM.png

The trouble with TV is that people see some guy in a film say “computer… enhance” and magically the voice that was hidden by all of the noise is suddenly revealed in crystal clarity. The important word here is “magically”. Physics does not work like that. If you have a recording and the level of the voice is -20 dB, and the level of the noise is -20 dB, you can increase the level of the voice to -6 dB, but the level of the noise also goes up to -6 dB. There are some techniques described HERE for reducing noise, but if the noise level is close to or greater than the level of the sound that you want to retain, then it is a lost cause.

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No, it isn’t a court action or divorce :slight_smile: it’s a recording of state police falsely accusing me of doing something I’d rather not mention here considering the bureaucracy involved in it (Them defending the criminal.) I caught them in six screw ups and several lies during their bias “Interrogation” towards me. They’re currently taking the side of a sociopath whose putting a neighborhood in danger by them ignoring the problem that was reported several times but ignored. I had to record the conversation they had with me for my own insurance purposes. If someone wants, I’ll hand the recording to them to see if they can make the voices louder. I have no problem giving the recording out because I will be putting it on the peer to peer networks etc to make it public knowledge.

Did you try the equalization filter? Try to replicate the blue wave by clicking and dragging it around. It’s a rubber band. Pay attention to the settings at the bottom, too. Koz

No, we’re not a good forensics tool. As above, if the noise is the same level as the voices, or worse the noise is louder, then there isn’t a lot of hope.

There are no accessible software packages that “know” what a voice is. We’re all doing blind changes in hopes that they do what we want, but there’s no “affect the voice only” button.

There’s no shortage of postings wanting us to make a voice into a different voice or something else. Sorry, can’t do that.

You should post a short portion here according to these instructions. There’s a remote possibility we may be able to find noise we can manage.

I did a posting where I designed a software package to magically fix all your sound problems and make you into an announcer. The posting date was important, April First and I work in Los Angeles, more specifically, Hollywood.