Can anything extract LPCM audio from .MTS files?

Adobe removed the ability to simply export the audio from video files being worked on.

I read someone suggesting to load the .MTS file into Audacity and it will just pull the audio, but Audacity didn’t recognize it. I tried importing it as RAW with various settings, but just get static.

An earlier post in these forums recommended converting the file in VideoLAN, but VLC cannot play the files. Well, it can play the video part, but not the sound.

I suppose I could save it as an AVI/MPEG/etc in Adobe and then extract the audio from that, but I really would rather not have extra steps and more quality loss. I’d like to just rip the sound out as recorded…is this possible?

What version of Audacity and Windows? See the pink panel at the top of this page.

VLC should play MTS files with audio on modern Windows systems.

Audacity’s Import Raw Audio expects lossless audio. MTS files usually use lossy AC3 audio. Even if your MTS uses LPCM, it’s a video file, so you can’t just use Import Raw.

I suggest you use Audacity 2.1.0 from then install FFmpeg 2.2.2 from

On Windows 7 64-bit, the “Panasonic AG-HMC151” MTS file from containing AC3 audio plays including the audio in VLC.

Audacity 2.1.0 imports the audio from that file fine as far as I can tell (the length is near identical with the audio length reported in MediaInfo).

FFmpeg 2.2.2 in Audacity demuxes the audio from the video as it is (no re-encoding) then by default expands it to 32-bit PCM (which does not improve it but maintains the same quality).

If your file does not import into Audacity after adding FFmpeg, then can you post a modestly sized example file on Dropbox or similar?


Sorry about that. I wasn’t intending at the time to seek help for my particular setup, just was wondering in general if anyone had ever figured out a way to do it. Here are my specifics though:

Windows 7 Professional N 64-bit, Version 6.1 SP1 – Fully updated.
Audacity 2.1.0 – Installed from .exe downloaded from this site

VLC plays MTS files with AC3 audio just fine. It cannot play MTS files with Linear PCM audio though, although admittedly, I haven’t looked back into this for about six months. I’ll search this evening to see if anyone found a way yet. The latest builds certainly don’t play them though, that I know.

That’s what I thought, but I read some post (who knows where, deep into one of many google searches) where someone said to import the video files as RAW and Audacity would strip just the audio. That would have been a pretty neat trick I suppose.

Yes, VLC plays our MTS files with AC3 audio perfectly, just not the ones with LPCM.

Okay thanks, this evening I’ll try adding FFmpeg as suggested. If not, I’ll figure out a small file to share somehow.

Thanks for the help.